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Instagram Baddie Tutorial

Hey Beauty Baddies! (like how I changed it there haha.....haaaaaaa) ANYWAY so obviously by the title I UPLOADED A NEW VIDEO TO- WELL YESTERDAY!! and I would really really really love it if y'all would watch it!! BTS for y'all! Basically I bought this new lipstick and I realized it look SO GOOD with the… Continue reading Instagram Baddie Tutorial

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The Catch Up Part 2

12:47pm Hey Babes! I hope you've had a good week so far!! My week has been CRAZY.. Um where to begin..... How about... *Announcer voice* Last Friday *Da da daaaaaaaaaa* The movers came around 9 and trust me I AM NOT a morning person at all so that was a struggle in itself... They packed… Continue reading The Catch Up Part 2

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Edgy Spring Makeup Tutorial

Hey Blog Babes! I decided to start a social media star series and of course I started with my favorite Jordyn Jones!!! She posted this makeup look on her Instagram- And I just HAD to recreate it!  Go watch my video showing you how to recreate her eyes- and make sure to subscribe and comment… Continue reading Edgy Spring Makeup Tutorial