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Summer Makeup Tutorial!!!

Hey Babes so as you can tell from the title I just uploaded my Summer Makeup Tutorial yesterday!!! I used my phone for this video and I may keep doing that but it turned out well and I also asked in the video and made a poll if you’d like me to do a room tour and you can see a bit of it in my video!

I used all the products I usually use when I’m going to the beach or the pool and want my looks to stay. If you’re a subscriber you know that I LOVE NYX so my first product was their liquid highlighter Born To Glow in Gold Rush….. Let me tell you…. I AM OBSESSSED!!! It is the perfect gold glow and it melts so well into my foundation…

There are other colors as a peach and pearl highlights. I can’t wait to get my hands o them and you BETTER BELIEVE I will have a review for you!

Ok sorry for the short post but I love you and make sure to like and subscribe to my channel and comment “blog babe”.



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