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Social Star Series 2

Hey babes!! Yesterday I uploaded a new video to my social star series and this one was about Daniella Perkins’ makeup look that she uploaded to Instagram a few weeks ago. Her look was very natural looking with a bold lip and of course I had to add a wing…. I mean come on…… It’s a must.

During the video I lost my lipstick I was going to use and had to improvise with a clear gloss and burgundy eyeshadow….. It turned out ok but I’m sure the photos on Instagram will look better than the finished look lips did. OH! I got a new Instagram and I’ll link it in the end of the post but I accidentally locked myself out of the last one so Mimi Makeupx 2.0 was born. Yes it only has 2 post as of now but hey…. We’ll get there…

Another embarrassing thing that happened during the filming of my video… I stabbed myself in the eye with my mascara… I added that clip into my video because hey… It happens to all of us haha. I also bought a new beauty blender and well… I don’t know if I can use the term new considering I’ve never had one before…. But absolutely loved it! It kind of made me wonder what I had been doing all my life…

I realized how much I had missed making videos… I had taken a break since being home and it wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be. I still watched other peoples videos and it made me feel like I was missing something… Being creative in that way and in makeup is so important to me.

Makeup is such a big part of my life just because (I feel like everyone says this) it helps me express myself. I went on a little hiatus during the break which meant not wearing half as much eye makeup as I normally would and honestly it was like death… My personality is sparkles, nudes, and a cut your ex wing. Not a touch of mascara and a scratch your ex wing…. Yes that’s a weird analogy and it does work for people but it just doesn’t fit for me…

So I hear by swear to never settle when itcomes to makeup looks… They will be fierce and amazing!

Tip of the day: Don’t settle in boy/men either… You are a queen and you deserve a king…




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