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Instagram Baddie Tutorial

Hey Beauty Baddies! (like how I changed it there haha…..haaaaaaa) ANYWAY so obviously by the title I UPLOADED A NEW VIDEO TO- WELL YESTERDAY!! and I would really really really love it if y’all would watch it!!

BTS for y’all!
Basically I bought this new lipstick and I realized it look SO GOOD with the eye look I did that day and I was SO MIND BLOWN that it reminded me of Instagram Baddie trends that went around last year so I did a little throw back.

Yeah so nothing special… I didn’t plan my look out for weeks and weeks. Like sometimes if I surprise myself and something looks really good i’ll erase one eye and do a quick tutorial BUT today I did a kind of full face (I did my face makeup off camera) but yeah. Longer than my normal videos.

Anyway I hope y’all like it and subscribe! I’d really appreciate the love! As always I love y’all SOOOO much and I’ll see you tomorrow!! OMG I’M MOVING TOMORROW!

Link to my video-


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