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Gold and Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial

Hey Babes! Today I uploaded a new video as he gold and purple halo ey. IF YOU FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM YOU WOULD ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THIS! But if you don’t then here you go!

So this video was inspired by a Pinterest post I saw because Y’all! I am so obsessed with Pinterest beauty gurus… Their stuff is insane and I just want to wear all of it! Like 95% of the time my videos were born from Pinterest posts of gorgeous blinding makeup on even more gorgeous people.


To Be HONEST I want to have WAY more pigmented shadows.. I thought about this half way through my video I really want very blinding gold shadows and glitter. I’m starting to get really into WOW LOOK AT HER! makeup look even if their laughing at me! My makeup will still be poppin’ haha. But I also started getting into voice overs as you can tell if you watched my previous video. So hopefully that sticks and I get better at that along with my makeup. I love y’all SOOO MUCH AND I’LL UPDATED YOU TOMRROW WHEN I GET TO D.C


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