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The Catch Up Part 2


Hey Babes! I hope you’ve had a good week so far!! My week has been CRAZY.. Um where to begin….. How about…

*Announcer voice* Last Friday *Da da daaaaaaaaaa*

The movers came around 9 and trust me I AM NOT a morning person at all so that was a struggle in itself… They packed quite a bit and it was nice having a very big amount of my stuff gone and packed for the boat ride to Hawaii. After they left ummm Friday night I went to stay with a very close friend for the last time… It was fun until she played a video that all our friends who have moved away now had made about their favorite moments of things I’ve done or said… It was SOO sweet and it really made me see how blessed I was/am to have them as friends. But I stayed with her that night and made a new friend with a guy I had liked SOO much since I moved here. They’re best friends so him and I have hungout together through her but we had never established our “title”? I guess. But anyways! I was so happy because him and I talked by ourselves and now we’ve been talking  ever since then. He’s so cool you guys….. I’m sure I’ll be gushing about him more into this post. Anyways that was my Friday!

*British voice* The following Saturday

I had woken up before my friend and scrolled through Instagram for a while and oh yeah did I not tell you guys that yet? WELL I FINALLY GOT ONE FOR MY BRAND!!! It’s @mimimakeupx and I will add the link on the home page of my blog and at the end of this post as usual. Go follow me and if you comment on my post “Blog Babe” I’ll follow you back! ANYWAY… More into my day we at lunch, watched lots of episodes of Supernatural (my favorite show ever), caught up on Jess and Gabriel Vlogs (big surprise I know.. haha), and once I got home I packed a bit more and fell asleep. My Saturday was very ordinary and I don’t think I blogged that day or posted on Instagram or Tweeted……. Have been very inactive the past few days. I’ll try to change that… Especially since I’ve just been sitting in a hotel for the past couple of days so I’ll try to use that time to be more active. ANYWAY THE NEXT DAY

*Sports caster voice* SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY

Sunday was mostly spent chilling and getting ready for the movers to come the next day. That evening I went to church for my last time and it was pretty sad…. I’m going to miss all my friends and the boy let’s call him…. Juju didn’t know it was my last night. Anyway I gave him this letter I had written a while ago with all my feelings about him and stuff. Now feelings and I do not mix… I don’t like them because they always seem to get me in some kind of emotional trouble. But! this time it worked and instead of things being awkward we kind of got closer and it gave a us even more of a reason to get to know each other better. We talked for a while, while I watched the IHeart Awards and omg… Can we take a minute to bask in the amazingness of Shawn Mendes’ performance of Mercy? Literally whoever ends up marrying him is SOO lucky. His music is so good. Plus Ed Sheeran was amazing as usual… I highly recommend listening to his new album Divide. Anyway that was my Sunday…

Monday- Tuesday

So both of these days were spent moving my stuff into crates and moving what I’ll be keeping with me into a hotel room for the next 5 days. Once I got into my room, my brothers and I just chilled and watched tv.. Me being the nerd I am watched countless YouTube videos on DIY’s for black, white, and gold themed rooms.. I cant tell you how excited I am to re-decorate my room once we get to Hawaii!! Pinterest has been my best friend for these reason haha. I also talked to “Juju” for the longest time and it was awesome. Have you ever found someone who you can just so easily talk to about everything? And they get your nerdy jokes, sarcasm, and slightly annoying teasing… But anyway! That was my week so far! I hope y’all liked learning about my life since I disappeared haha and I hope to see you on my socials and remind me to keep up with my blog because….. I’m literally the definition of procrastination like 95% of the time. This counts as the 5% I’m actually doing something productive haha.

Ok! I’ll talk to you guys soon! Follow my socials and my blog (plug,plug,plug) It’ll mean the world to me and hey we’ll be friends forever? creepy? ok bye!!! Love- Mimi





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