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March 1st 2k17


hey Babes! Oh MY GOSH! Today’s moving day! The packers are here and my house is slowly becoming personality-less… Soon my big blue wall will be back to its “wonderful” beige and I will be less than depressed about that. BUT! It’ll be so worth it once I’m over in Hawaii, you guys I can already tell you I’m going to be so full of inspiration  for videos and blog post! The beach is my home so I CANNOT WAIT to get there. Of course I’m going back to North Carolina to see family and taking a tour in D.C of the monuments so I can’t wait for this trip to start. I’m only keepin my iPad on this trip while everything else is getting shipped so be packet with me and the content will be just as good if not better. So like if my videos look skinner I. Appearance it’s cuz my iPad camera is only so big .  Anyways I’ll keep y’all updated and go follow my new Instagram @MimiMakeupx  I just got it got it so I only have one post but yeah. Check it out and my YouTube under the same username minus the x . Love y’all so much -Mimi👑


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