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New Video Update!

Hey babes! So today I uploaded a recreation of one of my favorite YouTubers Adelaine Morin’s Maroon look but I went for a more orangey toned look. My light started to fall towards the end and like I said in the home page and I’m still trying to figure out how everything works so bare with me. I hope y’all like it and I’ll try to be more active tomorrow. he move is getting really busy.. WE’RE IN THE FINAL DAYS THOUGH!! I’m so excited guys! Hawaii is going to be so cool!

I’m starting to get pretty tired of New York honestly…. I’m acquiring quite the “gypsy heart” it’s been 2 and a half years here and I feel like it’s been 20… So I’m ready to go (haha) I plan to get really serous about YouTube and this blog once I get settled there but I’m tying my best to keep you updated on beauty, lifestyle, and my life like I promised. I hope our family of “Blog Babes” and “Beauty Babes” will grow ove the next few months! I feel like I say this a lot but it means a lot to me but make sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel! The support means everything to me!

You guys mean to the world to me so I hope I can continue to make better ontent for you guys and make you happy! Love y’all so much! Follow my blog to become a official Blog Babe!

Here’s the link to my video-


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