Everyday Makeup Tutorial/FIRST TUTORIAL

Hey blog babes! So today I uploaded my first makeup tutorial on my channel!! It wasn’t as stressful as I was thinking actually. I love makeup and I’ve always wanted to do this so doing this new video was really exciting for me. I did a gold halo eye tutorial with Elf products or just whatever you have that matches my description of the colors. I can’t wait to keep doing these and getting better and better at it! For my first video it turned out pretty good but my voice was a couple paces behind… Probably because of my background music but other than that it turned out good. I even bought this EXTREMELY bright light to help show the pigmentation of the colors. Believe me without it…. It looked…Interesting to say the least haha. I hope you watch it and subscribe to also support me there❤ Type “blog babe” in the comments on my channel if you do watch it! Also comment on here what look you’d want to see next. There’s always room for improvement on my video skills and makeup skills so that would really help! Anyway love y’all so much! It was on my ipad cuz my camera wasn’t available yet so yeah that explains the skinnier screen.

Here’s the link to my video-

Here’s the link to my twitter too-

Follow and subscribe so we can be friends everywhere! Love you again byeee- Mimi


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