How To Grow Your Hair

SO! Today we’re going to be talking about HOW YOU CAN GROW YOUR HAIR into that gorgeous imaginary mermaid hair you see yourself having in your head. Cuz come on we all imagine ourselves with everything being our own definitions of ‘flawless’. Now my hair has literally taken a year to get from my ears to barley grazing my shoulders so that’s another reason this topic really SCREAMED at me. We’re all still learning anyways right? right.
Ok! So if you are interested keep reading my tips to growing your hair fast and healthy!
Tip number one might be a little surprising to some people, you may already know this but
  • Scissors are your bff- Sometimes what’s holding your hair back from it’s awesome full potential is split ends and or dead ends. This is when the tip of your hair strand has literally split from dryness or your hair not being taken care of to it’s needs. There are DIY ways to fix this but hair stylists say the best thing is to just cut it because then it’ll grow back prettier, healthier, and longer.
Tip number two!! For my hair I have to put this in or some form of this in everyday anyways and let me tell you there is a obvious difference to me when I do use it and from when I don’t use it
  • Conditioner!!!- Hair stylists say that conditioner is a essential thing for your hairs growth and all around health. Over the course of our everyday routines our hair can thin at the ends and begin to break (which is a HUGE NO!) So! conditioner is here to make your hair healthier and to keep it looking #flawless. Saying: Every time your hair is damp put on your conditioner to look like Kim (Kardashian reference) yes I know it doesn’t really rhyme haha.
Tip number THREE is something I definitely have to do with the type of hair and it’s not as gross as it might sound
  • DON’T SHAMPOO EVERYDAY- Some people already know this especially if your mixed like me and your hair can’t handle the constant washing. Washing your hair with shampoo everyday can strip your hair of the natural oils and nutrients your hair makes and leave your hair well…. NAKED. This is because shampoos purpose is o take away buildup and dirt from your scalp so it’s easy to see how it can back fire on you if used everyday.
My next tip is something I do about once a week and it helps my hair stay shiny and soft
  • Oils- Putting different hair oils on your scalp and hair helps restore the natural oils your hair makes to stay strong. Doing this once or twice through-out the week before bed every night will help restore your hair if you’ve been stripping it of it’s own oils from shampooing everyday.
My last tip I do about once a month to top everything off
  • Conditioner and/or oil treatments or restorative masks- These two things will REALLY help your hair grow and well… Restore your hair haha. Doing this once a month has really helped keep my hair soft and from looking dry, plus it helps it grow a little longer each month.
That’s all I have for you today I hope this helped you! Like and follow to keep up with new posts and videos! Love y’all-Mimi👑

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