Under $10 makeup products 

Hey babes! I am SO excited for this post because these are literally all my favorite makeup products that are under $10. All these products work really well, last long, and are super pigmented! These brands are from drugstores, Target, and Ulta. Depending on how well this goes I will upload my favorite high end makeup products from brands like Too faced, Colourpop, Kat Von D, and Jefferey Star. Ok!! If your interested keep readin and please like, follow, and subscribe to my YoutTube for more beauty.

My first product is something I’ve been using for 2 or 3 years now 

  • Maybeline fit me foundation- This is one of my favorite foundations I d ever used and I’ve used a lot … It does really well blending, coverage is super good, and the colors are pretty easy to find a match for your skin tone. I know sometimes a foundation will look a certain way in the store but then you put it on your face and it looks 10 shades lighter or darker at home. That hasn’t happened to me once since using this line so that’s a really good pro for this product. A con of this is sometimes depending on how oily your skin is sometimes the product can be a little lighter in those places but that easy to fix with setting powders. Here’s some shades to the product👇🏽
  • NYX Liquid Lipstick Lingerie- BY FAR MY FAVORITE LIQUID LIPSTICKS IVE USED! I’m literally so obsessed with this lipstick line ever since I bought my first shade in “Satin Ribbon”. I know some lipsticks don’t stay, are patchy, too dry, or too sticky but! This is my favorite formula! Here’s the and shape and all the shades of the line👇🏽
  • Went N wild Mega Protein Mascara- I don’t know about y’all but everytime I say or type mascara I say it in the most Australian accent haha. I blame it on Jess Conte aka my YouTube obsession …. If you don’t want them I highly recommend subscribing to her and her husbands channel (Jess and Gaberiel) literal relationship goals! Ok back to the product ILOVE THIS MASCARA!! I have seen a significant difference between my lashes when I first started and my lashes now! They’ve grown and seem fuller with and without the product, which is so important to me! if I’m not wearing the product I still want it to look like my lashes have mascara on cuz they’re so long! So I highly recommend this product. Here’s a look at the want and packaging👇🏽
  • Wet N Wild MegaLast Lipstick- these are my second favorite lipstick line. The formula is so mousturizing feeling and so pigmented! They are about a dollar a piece and there’s sooo many colors. I only have 2 of the shades but I’m already in love. I buy my punk from 5 and below here’s my shades and a few more👇🏽
  • Elf Brow Kit- I’ve used a lot of brow products and this is by far my favorite affordable one. my mom bought this for Christmas and I fell in love! They come in multiple shades and brush if you don’t have suitable one but I use ones that I already have for the “gel like” side of the kit. Here’s the shade I have in medium and the other shades👇🏽 
  • Elf Baked Eyshadows- I love the one I have in the trios form. I actually use mine for the face like highlight,blush, and bronzer but they work well for their intended purpose. A con is they are way better wet then dry so know that our applying it. Here’s what I have and the singles

That’s all I’ve got for you today! I hope you like it, follow our blog, and subscribe to my YouTube. Link is in the homepage link icon. Love yall- mimi👑


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