How To Prevent Cakey Foundation

Hey babes! Today I thought I’d use this weekend to catch you up on what I’ve been talking about this week. One of my videos was about ‘Preventing Cakey and Blotchy Foundation’ and I thought I’d share those tips with you also incase you aren’t subscribed to my channel(plug,plug,plug) haha. Ok, SOOOOO if you’re interested keep reading on ways to prevent blotchy foundation 👇🏽❤

Ok so my first tip is something that I had just recently started doing on my legs and I’ve been SO obsessed with DIY exfoliating scrubs that I almost screamed when I learned of ones for your face!!

  • Exfoliate- It’s proven that a lot of women say exfoliating once or even multiple times a week can help remove the dead skin so your foundation doesn’t appear cakey or like it’s just sitting on top of your skin.

This next one I am beyond guilty of always forgetting, thinking I don’t have time for, or just continuously saying “I’ll do it later” and we all know it never gets done…

  • Moisturize- This is a big one for me since especially in the winter and spring transitioning time I get REALLY dry so I would definitely recommend this tip. Any moisturizers you can find would help keep the foundation from creasing, blotching, and making you look older…

I mean I don’t always understand why you need primers but James Charles and other really popular artist say it’s a life changer so……Maybe we should both try it?

  • Prime- I  don’t always do this with like a real name brand primer… The moustirizer is really all the primer I use but if you can find one that works for you than that may also help create a smother canvas for you to work with.

If you’re like me and LOVE to save money but also LOVE to spend it on makeup then this shouldn’t be that hard for you👌🏽

  • If All else fails use high quailtiy expensive products- If your REALLY struggling with stuff like this than I encourage going higher up in price range to insure your getting what you need. Not even with make up products but more so skin products to de-clog pores, get rid of dead skin, and things like that. Cuz let’s be honest your gonna want your skin looking good anyways with or without foundation…

Ok so we all have that one friend who CAKES their makeup, you try to subtly drop hints and try your hardest to help without making him or her feel embarrassed but sometimes you just have to show them my next tip🤷🏽🤷🏽🤷🏽🤷🏽✔

  • BUILD YOUR COVERAGE!- I cannot stress this enough! Layer your products with ANY makeup you use to avoid the cakey “ohhh girl what are u doing” look. Try putting a little foundation on first and if it isn’t enough coverage go a little more and more and so on. This will also really help anyone just starting out in makeup.

I LOVE POWDERS! They are my life and I cannot tell you how much of a difference they have made on my everyday looks👌🏽

  • Use Powder-Ok so in yesterday’s video I told you about the powder I LOVE WHICH IS THE Maybelline fit me line and that’s beeecccaaauussseee it helps so much with this problem. I use it as setting powde to make sure everything’s one even shade and well blended. Powders are usually 6 or 7 dollars depending on what brands you use and I would highly recommend getting some.

This tip could also help that ‘friend’ we all have and could possibly help you too… It DEFINITELY helped me.

  • Blending- My Final tip is blending and this is a widely known concept in the beauty world. Blending helps so much with anything your doing to help make your products look flawless, amazing, and well very natural. There are tons of videos, blog, and magazines posts dedicated to teaching you how to blend so if you don’t know how you can learn. I’ll link one of my favorite makeup gurus Shaaanxo’s blending lesson down in the description

That’s it make sure to check out yesterdays video for my top cheap products and check out down below where i’ll link my moisturizer I use, foundations I recommend, and Shannon’s link to her blending lesson! Thanks for reading and/or watching make sure to follow my blog and channel for up to date/ inside looks on my life (cuz you can stalk me ☺haha) and I’ll see you tomorrow!



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