How To Grow Your Nails

Hey! So today I decided to do a video on learning how to grow your nails naturally. I know acrylic nails are really in especially thanks to King Kylie Jenner with her coffin nails to her gorgeous ones she rocks today, BUT! they aren’t DO NOT leave or nails looking the prettiest after removal. So I found and came up with 5 tips to help you grow your nails to the desired length without the damaging effects of today’s trends. If your interested keep reading because here are mine and the internets tips to growing your gorgeous nails:

My first tip is

  • Stop Biting your nails!-  Not only does this completely ruin the whole process of growing nails, if you do it too often you could be at risk to cause infection in your nails and mouth. Instead try cutting off the dry or loose nail beds or if it’s nerves try chewing gum instead.

Next tip is a big draw back for most women and girls but it could help if you stop

  • Don’t wear acrylics or gels- I say this because the removal of acrylics especaill are known to leave your real nails dry, weak, and less likely to grow into what you want. And if you think YOU HVAE TO USE ACRYLICS make sure to give your nails a break in between a new set of nails or gels.

I’m……. Not even going to comment

  • Don’t Pick at the chipped polish!- I am beyond guilty of this when i’m too lazy to properly remove the polish or am out of remover i’ll pick at the remaining polish and this is bad because it takes of a layer of your nail bed and makes a weak base for your nails..

I’m just soooooooo lazy, girl.

  • Don’t skip the top and base coats- Again i’m sooo gulty of this. Let’s be honest applying top and bottom coats of clear polish before and after the actual color you want in time consuming but your actually damazing your nails when you skip I…. The coats protect your nails from staining and help it chips less plus helping the polish to say ooking good for longer.

Literally do this all the time👇🏽

  • Don’t use your nails as a tool- Now I do this when removing tape, a label from something I bought, even opening packages but we shouldn’t use out nails for these things because they danamge and break nails so easily. So try to use another tool like scissors or anything else to keep your nails safe.

That’s all the tips I have for this topic. A few other things you can do if your REALLY want long nails Is to improve your diet, eat vitamins or fruits with vitamins. There are ones you can get from the store that are specifically for growing hair and nails. I’ll link that down below for you incase you wanna check it out. Otherwise that’s it for today! See y’all monday! byeee


Nail care vitamin- Nail essentials duo for $20


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