Mimi’s February 18th 2k17

Dear blog babes,

Today has been rather uneventful.. But those make the best days. So far I’ve woken up at 8:30 after falling asleep at 2:30, got ready/was too lazy to do my full makeup routine so mascara and fountadtion is all your gonna get haha, watched super hero movies all morning and into the afternoon, consistently stayed up to date io my group texts with friends (which people should really get awards for) , scrolled through Twitter, and talked to you guys. Not to mention trying to salavage whatever love life I still seem to have  with a guy here who I haven’t talked to in a week….  Is it bad that I feel like if we broke up he’d be loosing more than me? Some people think I’m overly confident…. But I think I’m a freaking princess just like every other girl I have the privilege of meeting. Breakups are hard but I’ve learned that bigger and better things come after we loose someone or something . So I hope we can all learn that we’re amazing queens and no guy,job,or grade could change that😊 Just something I’ve been thinking about.. I hope y’all are having a good day! I’m sure this isn’t the last installement on my blog for today so I won’t say bye,

Love y’all, Mimi👑


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