Welcome To My Blog!

Hey! I’m Mimi welcome to this crazy, very blue, blog of mine. I hope you stay for a while because I have a lot planned for you. Here is where I’ll be giving you behind the scenes posts and tips from my YouTube videos and my life of makeup, hair, and life in general haha. Ok, so a little about me: I’m a resident New Yorker but ina few weeks I’ll be living in Hawaii! I’m so excited! Also another benefit of my new blog is when it gets to crazy to film you’ll still be up to date on the blog. My goal is to post 5 out of the 7 days of the week and film the same amount of days. And I will do a video about each topic on my YouTube along with links to my blog on my channel and links to the video on my posts here.  So if your interested keep reading!

In my blog there’s a sort of schedule that goes on according to the days of the week

  1. Mon- Starts the weeks main theme. Like if I was going to be more focused on hair that week then Monday would be the introduction to that topic. Ex. Struggles with curly hair
  2. Tues. A extension of Monday- Say this day would be ‘What Hair Products I Use” and then I’d elaborate on that and give you cheap products and more high end products that would work really well with hair types like mine. And a video showing you the products on my YouTube
  3. Wed- An extension of Tuesday- This would be “How to Stretch Curls” so I’d give you 5 to 10 tips on here and a video showing you exactly how to do it on my YouTube.
  4. Thurs- A review of my favorite products- This is where I’d go into depth about one of the Products mentioned on Tuesday and like always a video on my YouTube to compliment the post.
  5. Friday- My favorites from the week- This would be about my favorite hairstyles and product I got that I had been really loving that week. A video would be made to compliment the post with links to channel and this blog.
  6. Sat- Off day- This would be when I’d relax and come up with ideas for the next week. In this time is when your comments and use of my ‘For You’ and ‘Contact’ pages would be most useful for ideas on what you’d like to see the following week.
  7. Sun- Off Day- Same idea as Saturday☺

That’s what my week would look like on here and my channel. I hope you will stick around for all this and help me make this as interesting and amazing for you as we can! Remember please follow my blog, socials, and subscribe to my YouTube for the ultimate experience and beauty info!


Bye sweet,



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